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Trolleybus Trolza-5275 – Omsi 2

Description Mod: Trolleybus Trolza-5275 bus mod for Omsi 2 Setting the parameters of the fashion and the appointment of keys stored in the archive. Author: Wlad209 DOWNLOAD UploadFiles.eu


Trolleybus BKM-321 – Omsi 2

Description Mod: Trolleybus BKM-321 mod Omsi 2 Authors: Model: MAN NL202 (592), Slavok, Sania1996 Scripts: IkarusSTR, MR, CCV-520, Wizard, krtz07, Maz-103.065 Envelope: Maz-103.065 Sounds: Maz-103.065 DOWNLOAD UploadFiles.eu


Trolleybus VZTM-5280 – Omsi 2

Description Mod: Trolleybus VZTM-5280 mod Omsi 2 There is a model for traffic Authors: Author rework bus trolley: Drakosha Author (s) bus model: Himmel, il_86 Envelope in OMSI: Slavok DOWNLOAD UploadFiles.eu