Solaris Scania K270 6×2 – Omsi 2

Solaris Scania K270

Description Mod:

Solaris Scania K270 6×2 bus mod for Omsi 2


Bus, textures, scripts: alTerr, Wizard, Aleksei 2506, Morphy, Kevin [Map Gladbeck]
Sounds: Gumble444, mbcitarofan, freddyx93, Homery, Mozart, IGBTVFD, Morphi
Repainting: alTerr, Kevin [Map Gladbeck], R & W Repaints, Ferhat Pascal Sprogis, 9122_DA, Morphi, Hans Johnson, fk-design
Edit sounds: Morphi
Scripts: Manu
Fonts: Almondbiscuit with BVG LCD-Mod by Italien83
Basic scripts: M & R-Software
Other: Marc1972


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