Omsi 2 Mods

nefaz 0

Nefaz 5299-10-15 – Omsi 2

Description Mod: NefAZ 5299-10-15 + patch mod OMSI 2 Authors: Reference Model 10-32 – Slavok, 10-15 Azat Akhiyarov envelope Maxim Samara (by63rus), Eugene Krivenkov (Evgeniy spb_). DOWNLOAD

karosa 2

Karosa B951E – Omsi 2

Description Mod: Karosa – Bus of Czech production, which has become known not only in the Czech Republic. Author: addon Prague DOWNLOAD

ikarus3 0

Ikarus 255.70 v2.0 – Omsi 2

Description Mod: Ikarus 255.70 v2.0 mod Omsi 2 Author: Model: 242, VL67, Laci BAS-953, IkarusSTR, CCV-520. Sounds: BX 59-70, Laci BAS-953, CCV-520, IkarusV134, bocskor3, C56, MR software. Textures: 242, CCV-520, IkarusSTR, Routeres. Scripts: Nemeza,...

Маz-103 0

MAZ 103.562 – Omsi 2

Description Mod: Features: Fixed a huge amount of curvature. Removed unnecessary texture. Added a lot of tuning. Working tape. Improved the passkod (entry and exit only through the middle door). Author: unknown DOWNLOAD

VDLDaf 1

DAF-SB250 – Omsi 2

Description Mod: There are 4 versions of this bus. How to create, which lamp is responsible for what, read the file Readme.pdf, which is in the archive. Author: Citybus DOWNLOAD

Ikarus 412 0

Ikarus 412.10 – Omsi 2

Description Mod: Transmission – automatic. To install the mod archive copy of the Fonts folder, and the root folder of Vehicles Omsi 2, agreeing with the merger of folders and files are replaced. Instructions...