Omsi 2 Mods


Ikarus 280.33O – Omsi 2

Description Mod: Ikarus 280.33O mod Omsi 2 – Fixed registration of all curves textures. – Changed the sound of the opening / closing of doors. – Net log)) – Fixed a bug with the...


Mercedes Vario 812D – Omsi 2

Description Mod: Mercedes Vario 812D mod Omsi 2 Replaced almost all the textures, new steering wheel, rear doors are animated, new seats, covers several recolors, farm-tuning. Authors: Baddy Piga, Profmod DOWNLOAD


Laz 697R – Omsi 2

Description Mod: Laz 697R mod Omsi 2 Authors: 3D Model Himmel, Vitaliy L, GAZelist Author Sergey wheels Panyukov Envelope Vektor, GAZelist Scripts moscur, Bombila 31 RUS Scan Vitaliy L Repainting -Anastasiya Fateeva Gene Shablinsky...


Nefaz 5299-10-15 – Omsi 2

Description Mod: NefAZ 5299-10-15 + patch mod OMSI 2 Authors: Reference Model 10-32 – Slavok, 10-15 Azat Akhiyarov envelope Maxim Samara (by63rus), Eugene Krivenkov (Evgeniy spb_). DOWNLOAD