Omsi 2 Mods

QuadBus 0

MEP QuadBus III – Omsi 2

Description Mod: MEP QuadBus III mod Omsi 2 The archive multiple versions of the bus, which differ by the presence of the door on the left side as well as the presence of whole...

LiAZ 52565 0

LiAZ 52565 v0.9 – Omsi 2

Description Mod: LiAZ 52565 v0.9 mod Omsi 2 Do not forget to run the game as an administrator, or some textures may not be displayed. Authors: The author of the original model LiAZ 5256:...

hWgS5fOMEGtR78N4tETmw-1- 0

Dennis E500MMC – Omsi 2

Description Mod: Dennis E500MMC mod Omsi 2 A special feature is the location of the fashion wheel of the bus – it is right. It is also interesting that this bus floors. High-quality texture,...

Ikarus 280_2 0

Ikarus 280.49 BKV – Omsi 2

Description Mod: Ikarus 280.49 BKV mod Omsi 2 – Script carved CD recorder, which greatly facilitates model – Original sound enhancement Ikarus 280 BPI-762 – New paint – New tires Author: ccv883 DOWNLOAD