Omsi 2 Mods

Baz A079.14 2

Baz A079.14 – Omsi 2

Description Mod: Baz A079.14 bus mod for Omsi 2 Author: 3D Model: Himmel, Vitaly.L Convert to OMSI: Vitaly.L Tuning: Vyacheslav Lupanov DOWNLOAD

karosa 0

Karosa B741 – Omsi 2

Description Mod: Karosa B741 bus mod for Omsi 2 Model of medium quality, transmission – automatic. Author: Martin, David, Marcel, Somethingfree DOWNLOAD

Padron Cidade 0

Padron Cidade – Omsi 2

Description Mod: Padron Cidade bus mod for Omsi 2 There are versions with both automatic and manual transmission. Author: Unknown DOWNLOAD

Bogdan A092 0

Bogdan A092 V2.0 – Omsi 2

Description Mod: Bogdan A092 V2.0 bus mod for Omsi 2 Under version 2.0 meant no revision of the old, and from the ground skonverchennaya model from another author. This is done in order to...

Graf & Stift Postbus 0

Graf & Stift Postbus – Omsi 2

Description Mod: Graf & Stift Postbus bus mod for Omsi 2 Note: for this mod need installed and activated addon MB o305 for Omsi 2 The bus goes to the collective farm, which can...