Nefaz-5299.00 – Omsi 2

Omsi 2015-07-25 09-53-31-709
Omsi 2015-07-25 09-51-25-211

Description Mod:

Nefaz-5299.00 bus mod for Omsi 2

Mod tested on versions 1.04 and 2.2.013

There are 2 versions of the bus destination sign differing type.
Sootvetstvenno- matrix and rollbendovy.

To fashion attached a screenshot with the notation keys, as well as files to create
recolors. Also in the archive is already sewn a patch for the bus, then there is nothing further to be installed.


3D Model: Slavok, Azat Akhiyarov;

Individual parts: Dhanny, Lion

Envelope: Bombila_31RUS. Thanks also to: Oleg 43 Rus, Artur Rishatovicz


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  1. HamsterTheBusDriver says:

    Is that bus made for the map i see in the background of these pictures? Could you send me a link where i could download that map? Do i have to pay for that map?

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