MAN NL 263 – Omsi 2

MAN NL 263

Description Mod:

MAN NL 263 bus mod for Omsi 2

Also in the archive is a modification of the lion’s city euro 6.

Authors: Vengeance 3D Design, Betastate


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4 Responses

  1. Padryk says:

    The Author is NOT unkown! It´s Build by Vengeance 3D Design and it´s in Betastate!

  2. thomas says:

    a very good mod but one thing wrong. when I manually input the route to the destination board it never shows up but passengers still get on. can anyone help?

  3. Oliverchange says:

    @thomas I Think you are missing the fonts. Try to redownload to see if there’s any missing fonts and extract them to the font directory

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