LIAZ 677 – Omsi 2

LiAZ 677

Description Mod:

In this version of the mod is available six versions of the bus:
677,677M, 677MB, 677G, 677 excursion, 677 training.

Installing traditional:

• The contents of the archive LiAZ 677 placed in a folder Vehicles!
• If you have a destination sign does not work, set the folder and Fonts!
• Also in the archive you will find Repaints 677. C using .psd file can be repainting.
• For correct operation of bus Omsi 2 files from the “For Omsi 2” Move to folder
with bus, confirming a replacement.


Model: Screper and Denis.
Also present details of Ikarus STR.
Envelope in omsi, completion: Artem Laktionov.
Help: Oleg Davydov, Maxim wait.
Repainting Alexey Vetlugin Arthur Kudoyarov.
Omsi Player Club Team and AJ Laktionov


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