Liaz 5918 – Omsi 2

Liaz 5918

Description Mod:

Liaz 5918 mod Omsi 2

– Added ventilation fan (animated)
– Added the dirt on the body and other parts of the bus
– Animation and freezing mirrors
– Working radio
– Added to engine overheating and cooling
– Two types of PPC (automatic and manual)
– Working instrument panel (buttons, toggle switches, and everything else animated)
– Fototeksturnye repainting
– Easy tuning the driver’s seat (flags and pennants, all animated … rocking motion)
– The dirt on the windows
– Animated engine compartment lid
– Voice of passengers in the cabin, when a lot of people in the cabin (as in the expansion of Hamburg)
– Working radio
– Increased passkod
– Sounds KAMAZ
– Removable marshrutnik driver and front curtain
– Misting during wet rainy weather
– Freezing glass during frosty weather
– Animated mudguards
– Replace the steering wheel
– Animation drops
– Mud on the body (the whole)
– The system of visual damage in the collision cracked glass and bent the front bumper

Author: Vektor OMSIMOD


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