Ikarus 255.70 v3.0 – Omsi 2


Description Mod:

1) Returned texture speedometer, the arrow for pick + Fit numbers for me was not able to do, and a speedometer in the old style, and the rest in the new … ahem …
2) The correct location of the tuning: Fixed icons; removed plaque, which blocked the marshrutnik; Fixed elements protruding through the roof, namely toning and dynamics
3) Added to the door handle. Only add to the front, because the back door, as it were blind and did not work, so I think so logical)
4) Reversing lights work.
5) Turning now themselves disabled.
6) With the dashboard turned on high beam
7) Correction of traffic (passengers plants) use the model with the signature “ai”.
8) Section texture box for money and tidy. To change the texture of the box “MFAA.bmp”
Of the remainder:
1) Tumanki could not overpower, why and what happened to them … no matter how I tried to work correctly … they did not want, of course dig deeper still, and if zarabotate, then lay out a patch)
2) The shutter goes back to the driver after downloading the game, bus divided scripts shutters and divided into two scripts with the same part of the team … most likely a problem with this, but how to correct until not understand … dig deeper – if you understand, will patch )
3) small black hrenka between the door and the lights cant 3D models, it is necessary to rule.


Model: 242, VL67, Laci BAS-953, IkarusSTR, CCV-520
Sounds: BX 59-70, Laci BAS-953, CCV-520, IkarusV134, bocskor3, C56, MR software
Textures: 242, CCV-520, IkarusSTR, Routeres
Scripts: Nemeza, CCV-520, Laci BAS-953, MR software
Authors tuning, used in the model:
 vavilon4eg59 Рtuning for Ikarus 256.
Adaptation, residence, “sherstenie” sounds, textures – Kinst.
Files with a sledgehammer – by McLaren.

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